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Warning - This website contains swearing right from the fucking start.

 My name is Basil Bottler - My hobbies are comedy, podcasting, walking, standing still, lovemaking (mostly masturbating) and building my own home made manure powered space rocket. There are lots of links here for you to click on and I hope that at least one of them might deliver you a little bit of pleasure. My podcast 'The Basil Bottler Show' is available on itunes. I do stand up comedy and also do a live call-in radio show - 'The Basil Bottler Radio Show' (also available on itunes) - I'd love you to call in and get involved, so keep an eye out on here, facebook and twitter for my shows topics and confirmation of when I am broadcasting Live. If you'd like to contact me for any reason, I'd be delighted/horrified (delete as appropriate) to hear from you. See below for contact details.

Thank you, Love Basil 


From January 2017


A live spreaker radio show from Basil Bottler.

Most Friday, or Thursday, or maybe saturday nights at 10pm.

Will have fantastic new features but will probably still be shit. Don't Miss It.


The Bishop of Basilica might do a radio show at any time.... Unfortunately. However, the bishops shows will sometimes be deleted immediately, so to be certain not to miss them, make sure you listen live.



<CLICK HERE> for the 'Basil Bottler Radio Show' on Spreaker.com

  •  To be involved - Skype basil.bottler         

  •                                           or Call  020 3287 1213

I have started doing stand up comedy this year.

 For your chance to witness the dreadful spectacle, keep an eye on my twitter and facebook for any gig dates.  


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Out Now - The Basil Bottler Show, Episode 57

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